Mañana comienza la 11ª Conferencia Internacional sobre Testing y Calidad del Software en Sistemas Embebidos, una de las conferencias más importantes que se celebran en nuestro país.

Este año contará con la ponencia de Manel Monero, ex-compañero de trabajo de mi paso por NTE (ahora Systelab)…gran profesional y buen amigo, que hablará sobre la automatización en el software clínico. Exactamente la ponenecia se titula: “Automation in clinical software: good, bad and not so bad experiences“. Os adjunto una pequeña parte del “abstract”:

My first experience with SW Test automation really impresed me, it seemed to be a kind of magic. It was 15 years ago in a communications Lab of the first company I worked for. There was a computer monitor showing the UI of an application moving the mouse pointer, navigating, opening and closing windows, all without human intervention!
Now, after my own experiences, what seems to be the magic is achieving automation without dedicating huge amounts of time and money and having the feeling of obtaining a true payback from the tests you automated.

In my current company, that develops Clinical SW, I had the opportunity to start working on test automation. One of the things I have learned is that even having the management support, having the best tool or having very good skills as a developer, none is a guarantee for success in SW test automation.

Mucha suerte con la ponencia y pásalo bien en Bilbao!!!!!

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